These cards are partly made of used material. Sometimes I experiment with alternative products, and often I use product from other crafts.


These cards are made with brush stroke stamps, and this stamps make the results look like watercolor.
I get order for cards to Christian confirmation from  the Jewelry shop Fog, and this year the theme for the boys are boots.

The theme for the cards to the girls are dresses, and I made part of the cards glossy or with glitter.

I simply love shoes and can't get enough. One of the pairs I buy this time is a pair of grey dr. Martens. This shoes will look great to my skirt and dresses.

A couple of days later I bought my self a pair of new rubber boots. For many years ago I should buy a new pair, but I never found a pair say they wanted to come home with me... Until the day I try this from Roots.

Now this days I have a lot of projects gooing, and some of then are big secrets. I'm looking forward to show you this when I'm finished.

Meanwhile I show you cards and other projects. This time I have made cards for my colleagues.

I have two rooms in my home I go tip-tap-toe when I want relax and be creative, and these days I have tried to make the rooms have more space. The dangerous of beeing creative is I end up fill every space I find, and in the end there is no room for me and my creativity.
The fall is here and I have made the rooms nice, clean and filled them up with goodies. Everyday when I come home, I can't wait to go down the stairs and forget everything. Just me and the laughter from the happy childe inside of me.

My shelves are filled with products I can't wait to place my hands on and make something new. Everytime I feel like this I wonder if I ever will finnish all the ideas I have in my mind, but I allready know the answer.