This year we have been growing vegetables in zincbuckets. We have carrots, strawberries, green salad, herbs and tomatoes.

The tomatoes and the green salad is already been eaten, but we still waiting to harvest the carrots, the tomatoes and the herbs.

Since we have little summer left we try to make one more crop with salat. Maybe we have more salad in the fall beasauce this grow fast.

The tomatoes is still growing in size and they not have the beautiful red color. I love to eat the tomato when this sweet from the sun, so I hope they mellow outside and I not have to take this inside.

We couldn't wait to se how the carrots looked beasauce outside the package they were in many colors. All the one we harvest had the normal color, so we are no waiting for the rest.

The green salad had a really nice taste, so this one we want next year too.

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